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Ramnous: The unknown, ancient city-fortress of Attica

Attica land, between Marathon and Grammatiko - a hill overlooking the sea. Around a stone, "megalithic" wall and enclosed, protected inside, an ancient settlement: Ramnountas, as it was named from the thorny shrub "ramnos" that grew in the area. The two gates-entrances to the ancient city of classical and Hellenistic times have Mycenaean grandeur.

Inside the settlement, the sketch of the life of those distant people is still visible: their houses, floor plans and masonry up to 1.20 m., Their patios (their inner courtyards), their stone cobbled streets and their stone stairs, (as) to heaven now. And sporadic details: fragments of pottery from local workshops, stone ends, worked like bowls, from the presses where they made their must, even anchors of their ships, retired ashore.

Article from HuffPost Greece - Alexis Gaglias. Read the full article here

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